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Crafty Towers is a combination of crafting and tower defence.
You can only place one type of tower, but you will then be able to craft upgrades with crafting materials dropped from enemies to craft new weapons and extra effects for your towers.
Enjoy both an endless mode with continuously more difficult enemies or a preconfigured level.


  • Projectile weapon - shoots bullets at nearby enemies. Upgrades with higher fire rate and damage.
  • Area weapon - damages all enemies in a radius around the tower. Upgrades with higher fire rate and damage.
  • Beam weapon - Shoots a beam all across the map, but can only target enemies that are close. Upgrades with longer duration and more damage per tick.


  • Burn effect - damages enemies over time. Upgrades with more damage and duration.
  • Slow effect - slows enemies. Upgrades with higher slow percentage and duration.
  • Tesla effect - bounces lightning to a maximum number of nearby enemies (only applicable to the project weapon). Upgrades with more damage and more bounces.

The game is purely controlled with the mouse.
Drag items from the inventory into the 3x3 crafting grid so that they match one of the recipes from the recipe book. Once a recipe has successfully been crafted you can either drag the result onto one of the towers if is an effect or a weapon, or just drag it out of the result box if it is a tower or wall, to add it to your object placement menu.
Note that effects can only be used on towers with weapons and one tower can have a maximum of two weapons.
Dragging an effect or weapon onto a tower which already has that effect or weapon equipped will upgrade that instance of the effect or weapon.


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